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The Institute has a well established panel of adjudicators,. They are construction professionals or construction legal practitioners with extensive experience in construction adjudication.


Douglas Au Photo.png

Au Kwok Wing, Douglas


Qualified and innovative quantity surveyor with 9+ years of experience in planning, coordinating, and managing all the quantity surveying works in different types of projects in Hong Kong, especially iconic projects, and upholding excellent implementation of BIM.

Raymond Au Photo.png

Raymond Koon Shan Au (區冠山)

BSc(QS), LLB (Hons), MA(Arb), PGD., FHKIS, FRICS, FCInstCES, FCIArb, MACostE, DRAd, DARA, Accredited Commercial Mediator (BnRICMC, RICS), NEC4 Accredited Project Manager, NEC4 Tutor, HKICAdj Accredited Adjudicator, Arbitrator, Expert Witness

建築工料測量師、中國一帶一路國際商業調解中心認可解員、英國皇家測量師學會認可商業調解員、建築處及房屋處認可纠紛避免及調解顧問、認可審裁員、仲裁員、專家証人及NEC4 認可工程經理及NEC4 導師。 擁有超過三十一年的實踐工作經驗,包括樓宇房屋建築,土木工程基礎建設,鉄路工程、道路、天橋、墜道,屋宇設備,機電工程,建築信息模擬 (BIM) 合約上糾紛索賠及裁决,承建商及公營機構管理,特別專門於合約招標策略,建構合約文件,成本計劃及控制 及風險管理,索賠管理、分析、評估及判决,包括評估合约單價變更是由於不可預見地下岩土及地下非自然障礙物、重大工程數量增加或減少、不變更成本及可變更成本評估、時間或工程額改變的地盤費用評估、變更引至的中斷性或破壞性增加成本評估、工程延期成本評估、工程延誤賠償評估、違反合约的索賠、總概括索償評估、工程延期計算包括可用時間風險的擁有權、同一時間延誤及主要延誤的原因分柝及裁决、減輕損失的一般責任評估、地盤外費用成本及承建商總寫字摟費用成本產生的評估、總包單價範圍的評估、分包商索賠評估.糾紛調解、審裁、仲裁及裁决書。成功協助合約雙方找出可接受收的方案解决糾紛, 令合約順利完成。


Professional quantity surveyor, accredited commercial mediator of BnRICMC & RICS, ArchSD Dispute Resolution Advisor and Housing Authority Dispute Avoidance and Resolution Advisor, accredited adjudicator, arbitrator, expert witness, NEC4 ECC accredited Project Manager and NEC4 Tutor. Possess more than 31 years practical working experience in building, civil and infrastructure, railway, tunnelling, building services and electrical & mechanical works and BIM specification & contractual matters & determination, in private and public sectors, with particular specialization in procurement strategy, contract documents formulation, cost planning & control, risk management, and claims review and determination including, amongst others, as follows:

(1) Re-rating of unforeseen underground works, (2) New rates valuation due to substantial increase and decrease of quantities of works, (3) Determination of “fixed cost” and “variable cost” for valuation of variation works, (4) Assessment of time-related and works value-related preliminaries cost, (5) Determination of disruption costs, (6) Determination of prolongation costs both direct and indirect consequences, (7) Determination of liquidated damages and general damages, (8) Determination of breach of contract & loss and expense, (9) Determination of global claims, (10) Determination of extension of time, ownership of floats and time risks allowance, (11) Determination of entitlement for concurrent delays, dominant or effective delays, (12) Determination of general obligation of mitigation of loss / delays, (13) Determination of on-site & off-site on-costs & head-office overheads costs claim, (14) Determination of scope coverage of lump sum items, (15) Determination of Subcontractor’s claims based on subcontract terms and / or main contract terms, (16) Disputes resolutions through negotiation, independent opinion, mediation, quasi-adjudication, and arbitration, (17) Successfully facilitate contracting parties to reach mutually acceptable solution for settlement of disputes, leading to smooth completion of contracts.

Louis Chan.jpg

Louis Chan



A professional engineer with over 25 years of experience in design, construction and contract management field involving civil, building, M&E, environmental and manufacturing assignments, ranging from small contracts to infrastructure projects in the order of hundreds of millions of dollars both in the public and private sectors. Fluent written and spoken Cantonese, Putonghua and English.

Patrick Chan (MK).JPG

Chan Ming Ko, Patrick

BEng Civil(Hons) LLB(Hons) PgDip(Surv) MSc LLM(Const.Law&Arb)


PMP MHKICAdj HKIS-Panel Adjudicator RPS(QS)

Chartered Quantity Surveyor with over 15 years in construction industry for undertaking multi-faceted responsibilities in feasibility study, cost control, value management, preparation of BQ, assessment of pre-tender estimate, assessment of tenders for pre-contract services, assessment of subletting documents, assessment and certification of interim payment, identification and assessment of omitted items, assessment of valuation order under traditional contracts and compensation event under NEC contracts, assessment of cost saving design for public works contract, assessment of disruption claims and prolongation claims and finalization of final account for post contract services. I have involved in both private and public works projects in HK and Macau including residential buildings, hotels and casino, sport stadium, MTR stations, infrastructure works, vehicular bridges, expressed road widening works and improvement works for boundary crossing facilities.

Regis CHEE Photo.png

Chee Lap-gee, Regis

BEng, MPA, MICE, CEng, MHKIE, RPE (Civil & Geotechnical), MHKICAdj, Accredited Mediator, Accredited NEC4 Project Manager

Chartered Civil and Geotechnical Engineer with over 17 years of experience across the consultancy sector, public corporation and civil service sector participating within multidisciplinary civil and geotechnical projects ranging from cavern development to master plan site formation and railway development works in Hong Kong, as well as formulating the policy and strategy on adaptation of New Engineering Contract (NEC) form within the Hong Kong public works.


Cheng, Ka Wing


Vicky Fung.png

Vicky Fung

MRICS, MHKICAdj, ACIArb, MSc (CPM), BSc (Hons)

Vicky is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor with over 12 years’ pre and post contract experience and her skills include tender preparation, contract administration, cost reporting, and budget and claims management. Vicky provides specialist cost, procurement and contract advice on high-value and complex infrastructure and building projects including universities, a sports complex, residential housing, government and public buildings and a rail terminal.

Vicky has provided the assistance to the named expert in the preparation of quantum expert reports of the Arbitration case in Hong Kong. In her current role, Vicky is involved in the preparation Mediation case in Hong Kong by supporting documents from the quantum and delay aspects. 


Kong Chun Wai, Henry

BSc, PGDipSurveying, PgDArb, MCInstCES, MCIArb, MHKICAdj

Practical experience in dealing with Contract Administration and Commerical Management for Hong Kong's large-scale civil infrastructures.


Kwan Kai-Ming, Joseph

Kevin LAI.jpg

Kevin Lai


Chartered Quantity Surveyor with over 15 years working experience in undertaking multi-faceted responsibilities in project management, contract administration, project planning, feasibility study, cost control and value management for various public and private projects (residential, luxury houses, hotels, offices, quarters, hospitals, laboratory, vehicle depot, police stations, fire station, logistic center, library, crematorium, flight simulator, primary school, university, Olympic equestrian venue, etc.).


Kevin Law



Dr Kwok Wai Ho Darrell

B.Eng. (Hons.), Mapp.Sc(SafMgt), GD Envir. Eng, EngD, CEng MIMechE, FSOE FBES, CSMe, MAIB, CMIOSH, FCIPHE, HKIFM PFM, MHKES, RSO, REA, Grade H REW, BEAM Pro (EB), RCx Pro, MHKICAdj

Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Chartered Builder, Chartered Safety Profession and Professional Facility Manager with over 26 years working experience in design, pre-contract procurement, tendering process, contract administration and project management for numerous private projects involving Building, E&M System, BMS,  A&A Works, MBIS & MWIS renovation works, fitting out works and building services system up-grading especially in dealing with sustainability consideration through retro-fitting/retro-commissioning.  On the academic side, having acted as the part-time lecturer of the City University of Hong Kong, the University of Macau, the University of Coventry (IVE SHAPE HK Centre), the University of Central Lancashire (City U SCOPE HK Centre) and the EDITO Department of Institute of Vocational Education for conducting different degree and diploma level course for more than 17 years. 


Lam Chi Hoi, Eugene

Lam Chi Hoi, Eugene is both a practicing solicitor and a registered professional surveyor (quantity surveying).

He has extensive experience in contract administration, preparing monetary and non-monetary claims for main contractor and sub-contractors in various kinds of construction projects, and handling construction litigation and arbitration cases when practicing as a quantity surveyor / construction claims consultant as well as a solicitor.

He has practiced as a quantity surveyor / construction claims consultant for 8 years. He has been practicing as a solicitor since 2012 specializing in resolving construction-related disputes. He advises his lay clients on all their construction-related legal needs, from the drafting of contracts (and sub-contracts) to the resolution of disputes arising out of projects.

He has been giving advice on a wide spectrum of construction projects (over 100 numbers) including but not limited to the followings :-

(a) Building projects as a whole for main contractors, and various trades of sub-contractors, for example, fitting out works, electrical works, external wall (façade and roof covering) systems, structural steel works, etc.;
(b) Piling projects, including foundation works and marine piling; and
(c) Civil works projects, for example, reclamation works, drainage works, rehabilitation works of water mains, sloping works, road and bridge works, tunnel works, etc.

He is also an adjudicator on the HKIAC Panel of Adjudicators since March 2020.


Ivy Lam

BSc(Hons), MSc (Double Majors), FRICS, MCIArb, MHKICAdj

Practicing accredited Mediator, NEC4 Project Manager and Adjudicator.

Field of quantum expertise and specialization; Practical experience on dealing with construction claims for local and overseas large-scale multi-disciplinary civil infrastructures.

Dr. LAM WAI PAN_photo (1).jpg

Lam Wai-Pan, Wilson

Honorary Doctorate in Law, MIPostDocA, Adjunct Professor of SABI University on ADR, Guest Professor of Peking University, Yuenpei Business School and Academy of Experts, B.A.(A.S.), B.Arch (Dist), MSc. Const. & Econ., MBA (1st Class Hon), MSc Finance (1st Class Hon), MSc. Marketing (1st Class Hon), LLM (Arb. & DR), HKIA, RIBA, Registered Architect (HK), AP(Architect), PMP®, MCIArb, FHKIArb, BEAM Pro. (NB, EB & Int.), FAIADR, FICM-MCN, APMG-Agile P, Prince 2® Practitioner, ITIL® Expert, ITIL MP, CIMP, Certified PECB ISIO 31000 Risk Manager, COBIT, Cert. Big Data Scientist, Cert. Big Data Consultant, Cert. Blockchain Architect, Cert. Scrum Master, CIC Cert. BIM Manager, Arbitrator, Adjudicator, Accredited Mediator, CEDR Trained Assessor, Expert Witness.

Professor Lam is an architect, authorized person and project management professional in background with 25 years experience. He is also a Construction Industry Council Certified BIM Manager and NEC 4 Accredited Project Manager. He has been involved in building and construction projects in both public and private sectors with a wide spectrum comprising smaller scale minor works, A&A works or school projects to complex institutional projects like major hospital and institutional developments as well as prestigious office and commercial/residential developments. He is currently on the Panel/List of Adjudicators of HKIA, HKIAC, HKIArb, HKICAdj, AIADR/KLRCA. He is currently acting as the Chairman of Contract and Dispute Resolution Committee of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, Chairman of Construction and Adjudication Committee of the Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators. He also serves as Adjunct Professor of SABI University in France and Guest Professor for Project Management of Peking University, Yuenpei Business School and Academy of Experts.

Carmen Lee Photo.jpeg

Lee Ka Man, Carmen


Carmen Lee is a chartered quantity surveyor with 9 years experience in contract administration, procurement, cost studies and cost control. She has worked in both consultancy firms and developer and has involved in a wide spectrum of building and construction projects in private sector comprising A&A works, school projects, prestigious office/commercial develoments, residential developments and composite developments in Hong Kong.


Lee Lap-Kin, Martin


Lin Mo-Sang, Larry

Henry Liu Photo.jpg

Liu Kwok-Chuen, Henry



Henry Liu is a civil and structural engineer with some 40 years of experience in Hong Kong, UK, Singapore and China with a wide facet on a number of major infrastructural developments in different parts of the world including the Channel Tunnel in the UK in the early nineties, Ting Kau Bridge in the mid-nineties, Lok Ma Chau Spur Line in the early twenties and the Singapore Downtown Line 3 in 2009.  Henry had held several senior positions in various organizations in his career both as client, consultant and contractor. He is currently involved with the third runway projects of the Hong Kong International Airport as well as other consultancy appointments. He is a practicing Expert Witness (MAE) in the construction industry. He is also an “Accredited Adjudicator” being a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Construction Adjudicators (MHKICAdj).  On the academic side, Henry is the “Adjunct Professor” of the Hong Kong University in the Civil Engineering Department.

unknown female image.jpg

Lo Kar-Yin, Betty

Professional engineer and professional quantity surveyor with extensive years of experience in development, building and civil construction, addition and alteration, major repairs, maintenance and operations and alternative dispute resolution for public and private works projects.

Wilson WAT.JPG

Wilson Wat

B.Sc.(Hons), M.Sc., MHKIS, MRICS, MCIArb, MHKICAdj


Chartered Quantity Surveyor with over 20 years’ experience ranging from owner’s / client’s organisation, QS consultant to main contractor and sub-contractor companies. Projects included railway, station & tunnel, design & build hospital, civil engineering projects, fitting-out works, commercial / leisure complex and casino development, etc.

JT photo.jpg

Jacky Tsang


Chih Kang Wong John.PNG

Wong Chih Kang, John

CEng, MICE, MIStructE, MHKIE, CMgr, MCMI, FCIArb, MHKICAdj, NECReg, MEng, LLMArbDR, EngD, PGCert, Accredited NEC4:ECC Project Manager, Accredited Adjudicator

Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer with over 16 years hands-on experience in undertaking multi-faceted responsibilities in project management, design management, contract administration, project planning, detailed design and construction of highway, civil engineering and multi-disciplinary projects in Hong Kong and U.K. 

Amanda Wong Photo.jpg

Amanda Wong

Amanda is an Expert in Programming with over 22 years of practical experience in Construction.  She has extensive experience in Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation proceedings and also engaged as advisors in both public and private contracts. 


Specialising in:

NEC Contracts, Delay Assessment, Dispute Avoidance, Project Controls, Schedule Risk Analysis, Case Management, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Project Audit

Sector of projects involved:

·         Infrastructure

·         Reclamation

·         Road and Drain

·         Foundation Work

·         Transportation

·         Tunnel

·         Power generation

·         Sports and Leisure Facilities

·         Theatre and Museum

·         Hotel

·         Industrial

·         Residential

·         Mixed-use Development

·         Data Centre

·         Mechanical and Electrical

·         ABWF and Fitting-out

YP Wong.jpg

Wong Yiu-Pong

BEng(Hons), MSc, MRICS, MCIOB, Accredited NEC4 Project Manager

Andrew S K Yeung.jpg

Andrew Yeung

BSc., C.BuildE, MCABE, MCIArb, MCIOB, MCInstCES, MAIQS, CQS, MHKICM, MAIB, MICWCI, MHKICAdj, FICCP, F.Inst.Pa, PPR; Chartered Construction Manager, Chartered Building Engineer and Chartered Building Professional™ with over 25 years working in the construction industry regarding various works and contracts of the Public and Private Sectors for the trades in Buildings (Residential, Commercial & Industrial), Civil, Fitting-out, Electrical, Fire Services, MVAC, Plumbing & Drainage, Traffic Control Surveillance System, E&M Systems, BMS, Lift & Escalator and Maintenance; Expert in Claims and Delay Analysis as being the Fellow of Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners

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