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1. Adjudicator shall act fairly and impartially as between the parties, at all stages of the proceedings.

2. Adjudicator shall minimize the likelihood any conflict of interest, arising from adjudication that may affect their neutrality or give rise to an allegation of bias.

3. Adjudicator should not adjudicate in any proceeding, if:-

    (a) Adjudicator have a financial interest;

    (b) The parties are from the adjudicator’s current law firm

    (c) Adjudicator have formerly a significant professional relationship with the parties until at least 12 months have elapsed from             the termination of the relationship

    (d) Adjudicator have personal relationship with the parties

    (e) Adjudicator’s outcome may have impact on any other legal proceedings in which they have significant personal interest.

4. Adjudicator shall listen carefully and respectfully to the views and submissions of the parties.

5. Adjudicator shall show respect for the parties, and their representatives.

6. Adjudicator shall familiarize themselves with the constitutional requirements and legislation.

7. Adjudicator shall apply act in good faith and to the best of their ability.

8. Adjudicator shall endeavour to ensure that decisions are rendered in a timely manner.

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