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Hong Kong Institute of Construction Adjudicators (HKICAdj) is a non-profit making organization founded in 2018 by a group of professional engineers, surveyors, architects, adjudicators and arbitrators. It is the first and neutral institute in Hong Kong which focuses on the promotion, training and application of construction adjudication in resolving construction disputes


- We steer, encourage and facilitate the settlement of construction disputes by adjudication

- We keep members of HKICAdj abreast of the latest trends and knowledge of adjudication in the construction industry

- We promote study, research and knowledge sharing of the law and practice of adjudication in the construction industry


- We appoint accredited adjudicators for the settlement of construction disputes

- We provide extensive training opportunities for members to attain professional accreditation by HKICAdj


- We foster networking opportunities amongst members of HKICAdj and other institutes to exchange knowledge, practical experience and research findings of construction law, adjudication and other methods of construction dispute resolution.


With the introduction of adjudication in the proposed Security of Payment Legislation in Hong Kong, adjudication is set to become the first-tier statutory dispute resolution method in construction contracts.  Adjudication is one of the alternative dispute resolution methods, preliminarily resolved by an independent impartial third party, the adjudicator, who decides the dispute within a relatively short period of time. It is usually an expert in technical matters, who can reach an interim binding decision. The winning party can enforce the adjudication decision against the losing party in its interim stage during the course of the contract if the losing party does not commence litigation or arbitration after the completion of the project.

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