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Public Consultation for the HKICAdj NEC4 Adjudication Rules

In February 2019, HKICAdj launched a public consultation period for the HKICAdj NEC4 Adjudication Rules. Industry experts were invited to offer feedback until 31 July 2019.

Construction adjudication has always been known for its quick and effective means of resolving construction disputes. In 2015, the HKSAR Government released the Consultation Paper on the Security of Payment Legislation with a tendency to implement the Security of Payment Legislation and adopt the statutory adjudication regime in Hong Kong.

On the contractual adjudication regime, NEC contracts have become increasingly popular and the Development Bureau, HKSAR Government recommended in 2017 the progressive transition from NEC3 to NEC4 in public works projects in Hong Kong. The adjudication framework in NEC4 is provided in the Option W1 Clause for projects outside UK, which stipulates a contractual adjudication framework that renders the HKSAR Constriction Adjudication Rules 2004 not entirely applicable.

The HKICAdj 2019 NEC4 Adjudication Rules play an important part in helping the construction industry to adopt the NEC4 ECC Option W1 without the need to incorporate any additional conditions of contract. This is a standalone, self-contained set of adjudication rules tailored made for the Hong Kong construction industry. HKICAdj recognizes the need for this set of Rules to facilitate construction practitioners to adopt the NEC4 ECC Option W1 Clause.

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