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HKICAdj’s Adjudication Conference 2023

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

The HKICAdj's Adjudication Conference 2023 "Adjudication in Hong Kong: Where Are We Today and What the Future Holds?" was held in CIC – Zero Carbon Park.

The half-day Adjudication Conference was successfully conducted with the assistance of the supportive team of committee members from HKICAdj, including Joseph Chung, Mike Ellis, Roger So, Richard Poon, Angie Chai, and Liu Yang. Particularly noteworthy were the contributions of Treasurer Kevin Lai and Secretary Vicky Fung, who served as hosts for the event.

The HKICAdj Hong Kong has successfully organised the Adjudication Conference for the first time on 19 September 2023, welcoming professionals to gather in Hong Kong to exchange ideas and share their experiences with construction adjudication.

The conference was opened by the Honourable President Dr. Christopher To. Dr. To witnessed the growth of the Institute and expressed expectations for the adoption of adjudication in Hong Kong. Dr. To also notes the active steps taken by the Institute in organising seminars and events that promote the use of adjudication in 2023.

The Chairman of HKICAdj, Ir. Albert Yeu, delivered the opening speech, thanking all the attendees, speakers, and members who supported the event. He also emphasised the Institute's aim, which is to promote the adoption of adjudication in Hong Kong and provide training to facilitate the resolution of construction disputes through adjudication and he leads a supporting committee team to organise the remarkable and pioneer Adjudication Conference in Hong Kong. Albert also looks forward to the Institute's efforts to become an Accredited Nomination Body under the Security of Payment Legislation.

The conference also marked a collaboration with the Thailand Arbitration Center, with an announcement of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the two institutions.

MOU Announcement with Thailand Arbitration Centre

This is a milestone moment for celebrating the MOU between HKICAdj and the Thailand Arbitration Centre, which was announced during the Adjudication Conference. It also marks a significant milestone for HKICAdj in its journey to become an international institute. The Committee Members have taken a photo to remember this important moment.

We extend our thanks to all the speakers and moderators who participated. Three hotly discussed topics were addressed: "User's Perspective on Security of Payment Provisions," "Technology, Conflicts, and Fraud in Adjudication," and "Enforcement of Adjudication Decisions."

Panel 1: "User's Perspectives on Security of Payment Provisions"

Moderated by Professor Leung Hing Fung from the University of Hong Kong.

Sr. Lee Ka Lun, Stephen, Chairman (Construction) of Chun Wo Construction Holdings Co. Ltd, shared his understanding and perception of the mandatory Security of Payment Provision from the Contractor's angle, emphasising the importance of cash flow.

Mr. Vincent Liu, Chief Counsel for Asia Pacific at AECOM, shared his previous exercise with adjudication in Australia.

Ms. Karen Gough, Barrister and Attorney-at-law from 39 Essex Chambers, shared her UK experience in construction adjudication.

Panel 2: "Technology, Conflict, and Fraud in Adjudication"

Moderated by Mr. Roger So, Barrister-at-Law.

Ms. Ng Chu Yin, Head of Legal at Asian International Arbitration Centre, discussed using technology in adjudication and disputes that arose from using technology, along she shared statistics related to adjudication in Malaysia.

Mr. Sean Gibbs, CEO of Hanscomb Intercontinental Ltd, particularly discussed the issue of fraud in adjudication.

Mr. Tim Sullivan from Contract Administration Group provided his insights and experience with adjudication from Australia.

Panel 3: “Enforcement of Adjudication Decisions”

Moderated by Mr Joseph Chung, partner of Deacons.

Mr. Andrew Goddard KC from Atkin Chambers and Mr. Ng Kim Beng, Deputy Managing Partner at Rajah & Tan, discussed the enforcement of adjudication decisions in the UK and Singapore. The two panelists engaged in a discussion on the topic and addressed questions raised by the audience.

HKICAdj aims to establish the Adjudication Conference as an annual tradition in Hong Kong, focusing specifically on construction adjudication topics. We appreciate the participation of individuals interested in this field and look forward to building a strong community for adjudication together. The Adjudication Conference attracted more than 60 guests from Government, Developers, Contractors, Consultants and Lawyers, etc., who attended, and their participation contributed to the success of the 1st Adjudication Conference in Hong Kong.

As another aspect of HKICAdj's mission, we provide training for future adjudicators. The next 4-day Adjudicators Accreditation Course is scheduled to be held from 15th to 29th October 2023. For more details, please visit our website at:

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