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Collaboration with Development Bureau (DevB), HKSAR

We are delighted to announce our recent collaboration with Development Bureau (DevB), HKSAR Government, to meet and solve the imminent needs and challenges of adopting contractual and statutory adjudication in public works contracts in Hong Kong.

We note that the HKSAR Government has emphasized its policy of adopting NEC in public works contracts in multiple occasions. Whilst NEC3 projects are currently in the full swing, Hong Kong is stepping into the era of NEC4 in 2019. In terms of dispute resolution, NEC4 ECC Option W1 will be under the spotlight.

In view of this, our drafting team is working closely and collaboratively with DevB to develop a set of adjudication rules tailor-made for NEC4 ECC Option W1, titled “HKICAdj 2019 NEC4 Adjudication Rules” (The Rules).

The Rules are written in plain English, aligned with the drafting principles of NEC, and are completely compatible with NEC4 ECC Option W1. We will further announce any updates regarding the development of the Rules.

We welcome members and fellows contributions to improve, promote, facilitate and regulate the best adjudication and payment practices in Hong Kong construction industry.

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